Construction site water

Mobile water transportation and water supply to construction sites, especially for rural construction sites, or for the irrigation of vegetation in cities, especially in dry seasons.


ALTRO-Tec GbR supplies and develops, together with customers, the appropriate concept, coordinated to the intended purpose and the construction site conditions.


Different tank sizes varying from 500 liters to 16,000 liters can be used, with or without undercarriages.


Filling can take place via the public water supply as well as with a vacuum compressor from bodies of water.


Various designs are possible, for example with high-pressure cleaner, sewer cleaning pumps, spray pumps with gasoline-operated engine, hydraulic motor etc.

M-WTS 1000 (1.0 m³)




Mobile water transporter M-WTS 1000 with a capacity of 1.0 m3, perfect for the transport of water or as a water tank.


Fully galvanized undercarriage and durable design.

M-WTP 2000 (2.0 m³)




The M-WTP 2000 mobile water transporter has a capacity of 2,000 liters and moves fresh water to where it is needed.

Thanks to the different designs the M-WTP is suitable for versatile uses.


  • Low core area and low height
  • Fully galvanized 2.7 undercarriage

M-WT 12000  (12 m³)




The M-WT 12000 with a capacity of 12 m3 is designed for the transport of large amounts of water to or from a construction site. The tank and undercarriage are hot-dip galvanized and have an optimal core area.


  • 80 km/h road approval
  • free water filling hose with shut-off valve
  • 400 mm Ø inspection hatch on the top and 600 mm Ø hatch at the back in the lid
  • with side gasoline-water pump for filling and distribution

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